Hell Cat Farm focuses on hand made items that
celebrate the art of hand spinning and creative fiber

Hell Cat Farm offers the following:
  • Hand spun art yarns
  • Hand spun, hand woven, one of a kind
  • Hand spun, hand made wearable fiber art
    including; hats, scarves and purses
  • Angora fleece (raw or washed) in natural
    white, silver grey, and pale rose as well as
    dyed fleece
  • Natural, dyed and blended carded batts for
  • Fiber curls for dolls
  • Hand spinning of your beloved pet's fur is
    also available on a limited basis
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Products &
Hand woven shawls made from hand spun yarn.
For spinners: Top clockwise, natural
wool  fiber batt, dyed mohair fleece,
natural or hand dyed and we aren't shy
about it!
Raw and carded fleec available in natural and dyed colors.
Hand spun, hand woven shawls of
mohair, alpaca, wool and silk. Each
shawl is uniquely crafted as each one
is custom designed.
Hand spun and chrocheted
Examples of hand spun, crocheted hats
and a "hornets' nest" purse crocheted
from mohair and wool.
For spinners: Natural white mohair, hand
washed ready to spin from the lock or  
be carded. Miss Jane's fleece is baby
For spinners: Natural silver/red mohair,
hand washed and picked clean. This
fleece is from "Red" and is a gorgeous,
multi hued fiber ranging from taupe to
peach to creme. My favorite!
Just for fun: Hell Cat Farm's wool room
baskets. I like to think of it as painting
with fiber and these are my baskets of
Hell Cat Farm is a smoke free environment.
We practice sustainable farming