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Our herd contains both white and colored angoras.
All of our breeding stock is registered with CAGBA,
the Colored Angora Goat Breeders' Association. See
Carla, cream, born 2/28/09 and her Mom.
Precious, apricot, doe,  Born 3/2/09
BB, brown, buckling, born 3/4/09
Lampchop, solid white, doe, born
3/3/09, and her Mom. Mom is shown
one month after spring shearing.
Carla at 3 days old. She is out of a black
doe and a fading red buck. Photo taken at
one week.
Lampchop at one day old in her warming
coat nuzzling Miss Jane, her Mom.
Precious and Mom, Ellie May
Photo taken shortly after birth
Photo taken at 4 days.
Kidding around at one month of age