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Meet our Goats
Our herd contains both white and colored angoras.
All of our breeding stock is registered with CAGBA
the Colored Angora Goat Breeders' Association. See

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Meet our adult herd:
"Big Al", Aloysius , fading red
Sire: Ruble Farm's Loki (Reg.AAGBA) Dam: Three Willows Jezabella
Al came to us from Loki Creek Angora Goats. Al is a "PAC",
meaning his parents were Registered Purebred White Angora
Goats. Al has uniform, long fleece, and has sired colored
twins in the past. Charming and affectionate personality.  Al is
particularly fond of carrots. Born: 1/17/07.
Callie, Hell Cat Farm doe
"Callie", Catalac Cali, solid black, doe
Sire: LLW Spacek (Reg.AAGBA) Dam: LLW Daisy (Reg AAGBA)
black  dam and solid black sire. Callie has a lustrous, is a
very nice girl as well as the queen bee of the herd. Date
of birth: 2/22/06. Callie was bred to Big Al for 2009.
Ellie Mae, solid white, doe
Sire: CAT Caleb (Reg.AAGBA) Dam: CHF Cyanne (Reg AAGBA)
Ellie came to us from Zoolittle Farm. Ellie is out of a solid
medium/copper dam and a solid black sire. Ellie is a twin
(see Jethro) and a bit shyer than her brother though from
her adored twin. She has a beautiful, soft, white fleece.
Date of birth: 5/16/07.
Ellie May ws bred to Big Al for 2009.
Ellie, Hell Cat Farm doe
Miss Jane, solid white, doe
Sire: CAT Caleb (Reg.AAGBA) Dam: 666710 AVA (Reg AAGBA)
white dam and a solid black sire. Miss Jane's fleece is
easy personality. Date of birth: 5/17/07. Miss Jane was bred
to Big Al for 2009.
Miss Jane, Hell Cat Farm doe
Red, Hell Cat Farm doe
"Red", Treya, solid medium/copper red, doe
dark belly dam and a solid taupe/silvery brown sire. "Red"
has a luxurious, thickly curled fleece on a nice square set
body. She holds her own among the herd and is curious
about everything. Pumpkin is a favorite food. Date of birth:
"Red" was bred to Big Al for 2009.
Jethro, Hell Cat Farm whether
Jethro, solid white, whether
Sire: CAT Caleb (Reg.AAGBA) Dam: CHF Cyanne (Reg AAGBA)
Jethro is a twin to Ellie Mae. He has tightly curled, bright
white locks that are baby soft.   Jethro is a favorite due to
his charming and affectionate personality and his fleece is
to "dye for." Date of birth: 5/16/07.
Bosley, cashgora, whether
Bosley has a buttery soft silver/red winter fleece that
blows out in the spring. No shearing required. In the
summer he has the appearance of a hair goat and is a deep
red with black stripes.  Bosley has a very affectionate