Sites related to animals on our farm and area:

Colored Angora Breeders' Association,

Loki Creek is the farm from which we purchased Big Al, our
herd sire billy goat. We appreciate his pedigree, old style
conformation, beautiful horns, fading red color and, it turns
out, his sweet personality. Thank you, Paula Frank for selling
Big Al to Hell Cat Farm!

Hell Cat Farm supports humane animal care. Please see the
following web sites for information on animal rescue and
support: Your donations make a difference!
Lexington Humane Society

Knox Whitley Humane Society

GRRAND, Golden Retriever Rescue & Adoption

Australian Shepherd Rescue

Donkeys are often neglected due to lack of understanding
and knowledge of the species. If you are interested in
adopting a donkey, please do your homework so you can
fully appreciate these wonderful creatures.
Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue  
All rights reserved.
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Spinning and knitting studio
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Kentucky quilt and heritage
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