Hell Cat Yarn is hand spun art yarn. Many of our yarns
are one of a kind artisan yarns that are perfect for that
special project or to add just a touch of creativity to
make your fiber projects truly outstanding. Hand spun
may be used for an entire project or combined with
machine spun yarn as an accent - such as collars and
cuffs or to add a band of texture or trim to your fiber

Hell Cat Farm Yarns are:
  • Hand spun art yarns
  • Made of Hell Cat angora goat fleece
    (mohair) in natural white, silver grey, and
    pale rose as well as dyed fleece from our
  • Frequently blended with other fine luxury
    fibers such as alpaca, llama, angora rabbit,
    silk and the finest sheep's wool
  • A custom blend that includes your beloved
    pet's fur is also available by special
    request. Inquiries as to the feasibility of
    using your pet's fur are welcome. This
    service is available on a limited basis as
    time allows. Cost depends on the fiber

Terminology Tid Bit: Mohair comes from the
fleece of Angora Goats. Angora fiber comes from
Angora Rabbits. So Hell Cat Farm's Angora
Goats produce the Mohair we use in our fiber
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Hell Cat Yarn
Hand dyed and blended, hand spun yarns.
Hand spun dyed and natural mohair blend yarns.
Hand spun, mohair, wool and silk dyed yarn.
Hand spun, mohair, wool, alpaca and silk blend yarns.
Hand dyed and blended, hand spun yarns
Hand spun dyed and natural yarn
Hand spun, blended dyed yarn
dyed mohair and wool.
Natural colored and white.
60% mohair, 30% coopworth sheep's
wool and 10% silk. Natural white. $32 per
8 oz.